It’s All about YOU

Street-Art-by-David-Walker-in-London-EnglandBeing motivated or staying motivated is something very difficult because we are all surrounded with negative feelings or (better) negative people.
We usually get out of focus when someone rejects us.

Artists have to deal with this feeling everyday…. Its a way of life for them.
They learn from their early years how to overcome situations like this, how to keep going despite the reaction of the people around them.

That is why we admire Artists,
that is why we all see them like they are from another world,
that is why we all look up to them.
The secret is to believe in yourself.

Artists have the need to succeed,
to give people something of their own,
to leave a legacy.

So stay motivated,
Take it one day at a time,
Surround yourself with positivity,
Create a dream board,
Reward yourself,
Believe in yourself,
Ask yourself what you want and make realistic goals,
Acknowledge your attributes,
Recognise your progress,
Visualise accomplishing your goals,
Be kind to yourself,
Focus on how you feel, not the scale
Don’t compare yourself with others,
Be the Artist.

The most significant goal in Our lives is to make goals.

Dream | Believe | Achieve

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