End of the Tunnel


Many people associate success with greatness and greatness with success and for good reason. It takes becoming or doing something great to create real success because it’s really more about the personal growth than the actual achievement. Without the personal growth, or becoming who you MUST become to create success, it’s a long hard road that may or may not every lead you to the destination you desire.

But when you strive for greatness in what you do, the actions you take, and the person you are becoming more than you strive for achievement, things change in your life and they change VERY fast!

You see, greatness is more pain than pleasure.
Greatness is more sacrifice than shine.
Greatness is your sweetest dream and your worst nightmare at the same time.”

Greatness isn’t what you become, greatness is what you overcome.They say complacency is the enemy of greatness, I say if you get complacent, you will get replaced.The great are first overworked and under praised…

Greatness isn’t your destiny it’s your decision.

Greatness isn’t your birth right, greatness is your will to fight.

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