a few seconds…..

You shape the world around you by your influence and that influence combined with small, simple, quick actions give you the incredible power to define the kind of world you live in every day and shape your life.
Something you did yesterday very likely altered the course of another persons life.

There’s really no way of knowing how your kindness will impact others and what they will do with it but you can always know that you did one thing with 100% certainty, you created an opportunity for that person that can, and usually does, make your life better.

It doesn’t take a lot, if any, money and it only costs a few seconds to care but the impact of those few seconds can change the course of the world and will certainly change the experience of your life in a positive way.

Those few seconds can open up opportunities that you never would have seen. They can create lifelong relationships, business deals, and best of all, they WILL create an environment that is fertile for all kinds of success…

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2 Responses to a few seconds…..

  1. Marina Kambouridou says:

    It’s amazing!! All together we can change the world!! Just positive thinking!!

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